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There are 7 stableford events per year, usually one per month from April to October, all played off full handicap over 18 holes. The first 6 events count towards the overall Society Champion.

The first event in April commences with the Captain's Drive and with it an opportunity to win some money on the sweepstake to guess the outcome of this inaugural feat. We then play for the Arthur Jackson Trophy.

In May we have an away day (within 50 miles of Manchester). In the morning we usually organise a friendly 9-hole competition such as a Texas Scramble and in the afternoon we will play for the President's Trophy.

In June we have a half-day event with The TT Jackson Trophy being awarded to the winner.

The July event is Captain's day, so not unreasonably we will be playing for The Captain's Trophy. In the morning there is usually a fun 9 holes in a format of the Captain's choice, followed by the usual 18 hole competition in the afternoon.

August is the month for the Dave Johnson Trophy competition.

September brings the traditional end of season bash where we will be playing for the Guy Ferguson Trophy. Originally played for many years at Meltham, the venue of this event has now moved. It is now played on different courses each year.

A final event is held either in late September or Early October where we play an 18 hole competition for the Peter Murphy Memorial Trophy. This event does not count to any handicap adjustments, nor to the Order of Merit. Members are invited to bring along guests.

In addition to these 7 events, there is a Knockout competition, and a Plate competition for those who do not succeed in the first round of the knockout. So you are guaranteed at least 2 rounds if you enter.

The overall Society Champion is awarded the Arndale Shield

A special award is given at the end of the season - the Renee Quinn Award - this award is to be given to the player highest up the final order of merit who has not won either a main trophy or a divisional prize.

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Handicaps - Penalties and Adjustments

All society events are played using the Course Handicap for the course played. Players should use their current WHS Handicap Index to calculate their Course Handicap for each competition. Society members who are not members of a golf club will be allocated a Society Handicap Index to be used to calculate the Course Handicap. The calculation of Playing Handicaps is not required.

Each winner of an Event within the Order of Merit is penalised 2 strokes and the winners of each Division at these Events are penalised 1 stroke for the next year (as below). Where a player wins more than one Event and or Division in a season, penalty strokes accrued are cumulative.

The results of The Peter Murphy Memorial Trophy and all Knockout/Plate matches do not qualify for the Order of Merit: Society penalties do not apply.

Penalties incurred apply to a player's Course Handicap

Members with Society Handicap Indices will have their handicap reviewed when appropiate and will be notified of changes.

Penalties shall apply to a full year to all other competitions on a "rolling year" basis as set out below:

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Society Champion - Order of Merit Trophy

The table for NW Order of Merit is administered and audited by the web-site administrator, currently Paul MacDonald.

The Order of Merit positions for the season are based on your best 4 results from the 6 events up to and including the last qualifying event of the year, but not the Peter Murphy. The points system used in determining the Order of Merit is calculated from the Stableford positions in each event as follows:

Position Order of Merit Points
Event winner 0 points
Second place 2 points
Third place 3 points
Fourth place 4 points

and so on.

The winner will, if necessary, be determined from a card play off. However, card play offs do not apply when calculating second place onwards. Equal Stableford points therefore score equal Order of Merit points, e.g.

Position Stableford Score Order of Merit Points
Winner 36 0
Second 36 2
Third= (Player 1) 35 3
Third= (Player 2) 35 3
Fifth 30 5

and so on.

The lowest aggregate points score therefore leads the Order of Merit List.

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Knockout Rules

  1. Entrants must notify the Knockout Secretary and pay gthe approriate fee to the Treasurer

  2. The Competition format is individual match play over 18 holes. If tied after 18 holes, the match will continue over additional holes until one of the players wins a hole and the match (sudden death). The extra holes should be agreed before the start of the match.

  3. The Stroke Allowance for the higher handicapped player is the full difference in Course Handicap, based on the Handicap Index current at the date of the match. Handicap penalties accrued in regular society events do not apply in this competition.

  4. Losers of their first match will be eligible to play in the Plate competition. The draw for the plate will take place when the results of the first round(s) are known.

  5. The first player in the draw has the choice of venue. If only one player is a member of a golf club, the match should be played at that club to minimise costs.

  6. Green fees are to be shared between the two players.

  7. All matches must be completed by the notified dates and the winner of each match must send the result (players plus score) and venue to the Knockout Secretary within two days of the match. Results can be sent by email / text message / WhatsApp. Failure to notify the organiser in good time may result in disqualification.

  8. Finals should be played at a neutral venue

  9. Where matches cannot be played by the scheduled date for the round, the Knockout Secretary may:

     Permit a short delay where all affected are agreed.

    Use exceptional criteria to determine whch player wins the match, e.g:

    • the player who has won by more holes in the previous rounds

    • course slope ratings

    • substitution of an unavailable player

    • the player who has caused the most delays

Plan your matches in good time.Notify the Knockout Secretary if there are any difficulties in playing matches by the due date.

For 2022 the Knockout Secretary is email: Hamish MacKay ; 07407 353153