Results by Venue

Venue Year Winner Division 1 Winner Division 2 Winner
Alsager 2008 Pete Holmes Andy Kelson Peter Wharton
Ashton-in-Makerfield 2010 Cliff Hacking Andy Millington Paul MacDonald
Ashton-in-Makerfield 2012 Andy Millington Gary Stewart Andy Benn
Ashton-in-Makerfield 2015 Nigel Harris Andy Millington Ray Dowson
Ashton-under-Lyne 2008 Tim Spencer Andy Kelson Ron Sloane
Ashton-under-Lyne 2013 Mike Budd Paul Higgs George Maddison
Ashton-under-Lyne 2014 Tim Spencer Norman Jamison Peter Holmes
Ashton-under-Lyne 2019 Paul Higgs Hamish MacKay Ray Roberts
Astbury 2010 Peter Blacoe Ron Sloane Paul MacDonald
Astbury 2016 Paul Higgs Peter Wharton Peter Holmes
Astbury 2019 Steve Marshall Nigel Harris Peter Wharton
Birchwood 2013 Tim Whitehead Peter Walters Mike Budd
Blackley 2004 Dave Johnson Roger Doughty Paul MacDonald
Blackley 2019 Tim Spencer Steve Marshall Paul MacDonald
Blundells Hill 2015 Norman Jamison Tim Spencer Peter Wharton
Bollton 2001 Ray Dowson Mike Budd Ian Horton
Bolton Old Links 2014 Peter Holmes Nigel Harris Andy Benn
Bramhall Park 2005 Roger Doughty Mike Budd Paul MacDonald
Breightmet 2006 Nigel Harris Tim Whitehead Paul Nolan
Brookdale 2009 Nigel Harris Andy Kelson Mario Capostagno
Bury 2002 Dave Brush Tim Whitehead Dave Johnson
Bury 2006 Andy Kelson Ray Dowson Nigel Harris
Bury 2008 Andy Kelson Tim Whitehead Nigel Harris
Bury 2012 Norman Jamison Tim Whitehead Mark Saxon
Bury 2014 Peter Walters John Flaherty Mark Saxon
Bury 2019 Nigel Harris Barry Pendlebury Ray Dowson
Carden Park (Chesh) 2009 Tim Whitehead Paul Higgs Tim Spencer
Cavendish 2020 Nigel Harris Tim Spencer Tim Whitehead
Chapel en le Frith 1999 Paul MacDonald Ian Horton Derek Crompton
Chapel en le Frith 2002 Roger Doughty Justin Latham Mark Saxon
Chapel en le Frith 2010 Andy Kelson Paul Higgs Tom Kinahan
Chapel en le Frith 2011 Gareth Perry Tim Whitehead Mike Hughes
Chapel en le Frith 2015 Paul Higgs Nigel Harris Ray Dowson
Chapel en le Frith 2018 Hamish MacKay Tim Spencer Steve Shepherd
Chorley 2003 Gary Stewart Norman Jamison Mike Budd
Chorlton 1999 Ian Horton Justin Latham Dave Johnson
Chorlton 2007 Andy Kelson Tim Whitehead Peter Blacoe
Chorlton 2011 Peter Walters Brendon Poynts Mario Capostagno
Chorlton 2019 Tim Spencer Hamish MacKay Tim Whitehead
Crewe 2000 Tim Spencer Andy Millington Tom Roe
Crewe 2004 Paul MacDonald Roger Doughty Tom Kinahan
Crompton 2000 Ian Johnson Roger Doughty Keith Giannassi
Davenport 2011 Gareth Perry Andy Kelson Peter Blacoe
Davenport 2014 John Popplewell Andy Millington Tom Kinahan
Davyhulme Park 2013 Eddie MacDonald Patrick McIver Peter Holmes
Delamere Forest 2001 Dave McVitie Ian Johnson Ian Booth
Denton 2007 Tim Spencer Andy Kelson Pete Holmes
Denton 2015 Norman Jamison Brendon Poynts George Maddison
Denton 2018 Ray Dowson Gareth Perry Jill Tasker
Didsbury 2010 Gareth Perry Tim Whitehead Tom Kinahan
Didsbury 2013 Mario Capostagno Tim Spencer George Maddison
Didsbury 2019 Steve Marshall Ray Dowson Barry Pendlebury
Disley 2002 Ray Dowson Andy Kelson Tom Kinahan
Disley 2004 Tim Spencer Derek Ashcroft Peter Leslie Reed
Disley 2005 Richard Banks Roger Doughty Pete Holmes
Disley 2006 Norman Jamison Paul Higgs Mark Saxon
Disley 2008 Andy Kelson Tim Whitehead Nigel Harris
Disley 2016 Andy Millington Gareth Perry Barry Pendlebury
Disley 2017 Norman Jamison Hamish MacKay George Maddison
Dukinfield 2006 Ray Dowson Andy Millington Peter Wharton
Dunscar 2004 Nigel Harris Pete Walters Mark Saxon
Duncar 2014 John Flaherty Hamish MacKay Mark Edgar
Eaton 2003 Norman Jamison Tim Whitehead Paul MacDonald
Ellesmere 2000 Tim Whitehead Peter Blacoe Dave Johnson
Ellesmere 2016 Nigel Harris Tim Spencer Peter Holmes
Ellesmere 2018 Tim Spencer Nigel Harris Andy Benn
Frodsham 2013 Paul Higgs Brendon Poynts Ron Sloane
Gathurst 2012 Mike Budd Tim Whitehead Jill Tasker
Gorstyhill 2011 Peter Holmes Tim Whitehead Mike Hughes
Grange Park 2015 Andy Benn Anthony Orrell Mark Saxon
Hawksone Park 2010 Nigel Harris Andy Kelson Gareth Perry
Hazel Grove 2007 Dave Brush Andy Kelson Pete Holmes
Hazel Grove 2018 Hamish MacKay Brendon Poynts Jill Tasker
Heaton Moor 2006 Norman Jamison Tim Whitehead Peter Wharton
Heaton Moor 2008 Paul Higgs Tim Whitehead Pete Holmes
Heaton Moor 2018 Peter Wharton Brendon Poynts George Maddison
Heaton Park 2002 Mike Budd Tim Whitehead Dave McVitie
Helsby 2020 Tim Spencer Steve Marshall Jill Tasker
High Legh Park 2012 Andy Millington Ian Booth John Mosedale
Houghwood 2013 Peter Walters Mark Saxon Carl Everitt
Houldsworth 2001 Justin Latham Andy Millington Dave Johnson
Hurlston Hall 2016 Peter Walters Mark Saxon Andy Benn
Huyton and Prescott 1999 Tim Whitehead Justin Latham Ron Sloane
Huyton and Prescott 2015 Paul Higgs Martin Rees Andy Benn
Keighley 2000 Ian Johnson Derek Parker Ian Horton
Keighley 2011 Nigel Harris Norman Jamison Ken Barnes
Keighley 2017 Andy Benn Tim Spencer Chih Hu
Knott End 2004 Andy Kelson Tim Whitehead Nigel Harris
Llangollen 2010 Andy Kelson Paul Higgs Pete Holmes
Leigh (Culcheth) 2003 Tom Kinahan Ray Dowson Mike Budd
Leyland 2009 Nigel Harris Norman Jamison Mike Budd
Leyland 2016 Tim Spencer Paul Higgs Mario Capostagno
Leyland 2018 Nigel Harris Steve Marshall Barry Pendlebury
Lymm 2005 Tim Whitehead Derek Ashcroft Mike Budd
Marple 2000 Mike Budd Tim Whitehead Ian Booth
Mellor & Townscliffe 2005 Mark Saxon Derek Ashcroft Nigel Harris
Mellor & Townscliffe 2012 Gary Stewart Tim Spencer Karl Hendrickx
Meltham 1999 Roger Doughty Ian Johnson Keith Giannassi
Meltham 2000 Paul Higgs Derek Parker Ian Horton
Meltham 2001 Derek Ashcroft Derek Parker Mark Saxon
Meltham 2002 Tim Whitehead Paul Higgs Ian Horton
Meltham 2003 Paul Higgs Roger Doughty Dave Johnson
Meltham 2004 Ian Horton Paul Higgs Mark Saxon
Meltham 2005 Paul Dean Mark Saxon Ian Horton
Meltham 2006 Paul Higgs Rob Shorthouse Nigel Harris
Meltham 2007 Steve Shepherd Norman Jamison Paul MacDonald
Meltham 2008 Steve Shepherd Andy Kelson Mike Budd
Mobberley 1999 Tim Spencer Ian Vernon Tom Kinahan
Mottram Hall 2010 Andy Millington Andy Kelson Kay Lees
New Mills 2009 Ron Sloane Ray Dowson Mike Hughes
New Mills 2016 George Maddison Tim Spencer Andy Benn
Northenden 2005 Tim Spencer Dave Johnson Tom Kinahan
North Manchester 2011 Andy Kelson Paul Higgs Andy Millington
North Manchester 2017 Andy Millington Nigel Harris Tim Whitehead
Pike Fold 2009 Tim Whitehead Pete Walters Mike Hughes
Prestbury 1999 Ian Johnson Dave Johnson Andy Lord
Prestbury 2000 Peter Kirk Dave Johnson Ian Booth
Prestbury 2001 Andy Kelson Dave Johnson Mark Saxon
Prestbury 2002 Tim Spencer Paul MacDonald Dave Brush
Prestwich 2007 Mario Capostagno Mike Budd Tom Kinahan
Pryors Hayes 2006 Andy Kelson Andy Millington Mark Saxon
Reddish Vale 2007 Mark Saxon Norman Jamison Nigel Harris
Reddish Vale 2014 Brendon Poynts Paul Higgs Peter Holmes
Rochdale 2003 Peter Blacoe Ray Dowson Dave Johnson
Rochdale 2017 Tim Spencer Hamish MacKay George Maddison
Romiley 2001 Paul Higgs Roger Doughty Dave McVitie
Romiley 2009 Ron Sloane Norman Jamison George Maddison
Rossendale 2005 Tom Kinahan Andy Kelson Paul MacDonald
Saddleworth 2017 John Flaherty Steve Marshall Barry Pendlebury
Sale 2004 Dave Johnson Ian Booth Tom Kinahan
Shrigley Hall 2012 Paul Higgs Peter Walters Mark Saxon
Stamford 2001 Derek Parker Ian Johnson Paul Dean
Stand 2008 Richard Banks Ray Dowson Ron Sloane
Stand 2013 Norman Jamison Mark Saxon Chih Hu
Stand 2020 Steve Marshall Paul Higgs Mark Saxon
Styal 1999 Dave Brush Tim Whitehead Ian Horton
Swinton Park 2014 George Maddison Peter Walters Vince Murray
Sutton Hall 2011 Nigel Harris Gareth Perry Mike Hughes
Sutton Hall 2016 Norman Jamison Tim Spencer Andy Benn
Trentham Park 2009 Andy Millington Pete Walters Mark Saxon
Tytherington 2007 Roger Doughty Dave Brush Mark Saxon
Tytherington 2015 Peter Walters Andy Millington Peter Holmes
Vicars Cross 2002 Mark Saxon Julian Lea Peter Holmes
Vicars Cross 2019 Mark Saxon Peter Wharton Chih Hu
Whitefield 2017 Steve Marshall Brendon Poynts Mario Capostagno
Withington 2003 Tom Kinahan Andy Kelson Ron Sloane
Withington 2012 Gary Stewart Peter Walters Vince Murray
Wigan 2018 Tim Whitehead Brendon Poynts Mark Saxon
Worsley 2017 Paul Higgs Gareth Perry Mark Saxon